Client Services

At SUHRCO, private investors rely on our expertise to meet their objectives. We strive to obtain the highest yield over the entire holding period and have a proven track record of increasing that yield. We challenge our Professionals to achieve and exceed client expectations and customize our services to meet the specific requirements of investors.

Property Management

SUHRCO is responsible for the physical operation of each property we manage. Our property managers are expeditious in conducting inspections and responding to tenants, staff and prospective tenants. We visit properties frequently, sometimes daily, to ensure routine maintenance is handled without delay.

Leasing and Marketing

SUHRCO’s team understands the intricacies of property management and leasing. Our dedication to landlord representation, together with our direct marketing approach, produces maximum property performance with the best lease-up and occupancy levels and ensures long-term relationships between clients and tenants.

Construction Administration

We have extensive experience managing and coordinating tenant improvements, major capital improvements, property redevelopment and renovations.

Contract Services

Contract services for cleaning, utilities service, elevator and mechanical maintenance, security, landscaping etc. are critically important to the success of every property. We have established relationships with service providers who offer SUHRCO preferential pricing and exceptional service. We define contract specifications and prepare RFQs when necessary, investigate the history and competency of all potential contractors, review bids and negotiate favorable terms. We then oversee the work of the service provider once a contract is in place.

Portfolio Asset Management

SUHRCO Professionals have the experience, resources and long-established relationships to oversee the management, operations and administration of third-party service providers. We have expertise in Pacific Northwest real estate trends, environmental issues, complex lease negotiations, financing and valuation analysis.

Acquisition Due Diligence Review

Our vast experience acquiring real estate investments, for both clients and our own account, provides us a thorough understanding of the process of orchestrating acquisitions and performing thorough due diligence reviews.

Accounting and Financial Reporting

We develop and customize reporting systems to offer clients accurate and timely financial reporting.

Flexible Accounting Systems: Our Professionals have extensive experience in providing financial reporting to pension funds, insurance companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and financial institutions.

Lease Abstracts: Lease data is available for review at any time in an Executive Summary.

Billing and Accounts Receivable: Real-time access to account activity is based on the regular maintenance of account receivables. Accrual reports give owners both cash and accrual information.

Accounts Payable: The administration and control of expenditures are vital components to the success of each property. We present each expenditure to the facilities technician, which are then approved by the client. This process ensures not only the accuracy of the payables, but also assures control over expenses.

Valuation Analysis: Our Professionals are trained and expert in the operation of Argus valuation/cash flow modeling. This enables us to provide Cost versus Benefit Analysis and impact on value in the ever-changing real estate economy.

Monthly Reports, Business Plans & Budgeting: SUHRCO’s annual budgets and business plans are customizable for clients’ requirements and include summaries of all income and expense activities on cash or accrual basis.


SUHRCO has established relationships within the brokerage community and is uniquely qualified to broker the purchase or sale of investment properties. Brokers have come to rely on us to deliver and perform.