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SUHRCO was created to fill the very specific requirements and needs of real estate owners. The portfolio of managed properties includes all types of multi-family residential and commercial projects, including high-rise, mid-rise, suburban, garden court, conventional and subsidized, and owned by large institutional real estate owners, private investors, partnerships, condominiums and homeowners’ community associations.

We are very interested in hearing about your issues, finding out about your needs and answering your questions.  Over the years, our clients’ can attest to the creative, proactive, and innovative solutions we have delivered, all with the specific client’s needs in mind.

Located in Bellevue, Washington, SUHRCO Residential Properties, LLC (SUHRCO) have been meeting the specific requirements of Pacific Northwest properties since 1973.  Our portfolio of managed assets comprises approximately 170 properties, totaling more than 16-million square feet. The combined value of our managed assets exceeds $2 billion.

SUHRCO holds the prestigious professional designation of Accredited Management Organization® (AMO®).  This designation is awarded by the Institute of Real Estate Management® (IREM®) to firms demonstrating standards of excellence, integrity and financial stability.

SUHRCO’s Principals and Executives have a combined experience level exceeding 185 years of real estate expertise in the areas of property management, development, leasing and brokerage, construction management, financial reporting, and real estate consulting.

Let  us  be  your  partner  in  the  success  of  your  property  asset..!

“I personally feel a sense of protection from your support as I know the advice you give comes from a strong knowledge base, as well as from a place of compassion.  Also, it is so nice to have that comfort that when the Board asks you to do something, it is taken care of in an extremely timely manner.  You answer all of our calls quickly and respond to emails even quicker.  As the Board President, I want you to know how much I appreciate your constant availability to me (as well as to the rest of the Board….)”

M. G.

M. G.

Suhrco Board President